First Light™ 100% Grass Fed Wagyu

Our 100% grass fed wagyu beef has more marbling than USDA Prime. Marbling adds flavor and tenderness that puts our steaks a cut above.
Add the health benefits of wagyu beef to the already long list of health benefits associated with grass fed beef
and you end up with one of the most nutrient dense and delicious foods on the planet.

Filet Mignon

The ultimate in tenderness! Cut from the center of the tenderloin, these steaks are fork-tender and delicious.


Marbling madness! The most well marbled steak on the planet. Cut from the “eye” of the prime rib, these juicy steaks are guaranteed to leave you yearning for more.

New York Strip

These tender, juicy and well marbled center cuts of the sirloin are trimmed to perfection. Our steaks are aged 21 days, giving them even better flavor.

Top Sirloins

Exceptional flavor and marbling make this popular steak ideal for broiling, pan searing and grilling.

Flat Irons

This great grilling steak hast robust flavor and a tender juicy texture.

Teres Majors

This steak is second only to the tenderloin in tenderness but number one for a great beefy flavor. Also called a shoulder petite tender. These filets are slowly wet aged to create a fine dining experience at home.

Tri Tip

Juicy steaks to make your mouth water. Well trimmed and ready to cook your favorite way. Treat yourself to a delicious meal.


These versatile yet juicy steaks are great for shish kabobs, marinades or breakfast steaks.

Kobe Burger

Choice chopped sirloin patties of the proven blend for maximum flavor. American burgers that come steakhouse style, these are truly the best burgers in the country.

Our wagyu ground beef has the perfect amount of fat for burgers or any recipe that requires a premium ground beef.

Flank Steak

Lean and flavorful, and should be thinly sliced against the grain when carving. An ideal choice to marinate.

Cut from the belly our flank steaks are the most marbled and flavorful on the market. Make sure to cut against the grain! Tender tender tender

Petite Roast

Or sirloin cap coulotte roast is a perfectly marbled roast great for the grill or oven. Try your favorite rub, marinade or one of our recipes for this family favorite

Tenderloin Tails

Cut from the tail ends of the wagyu tenderloin, these steaks offer the maximum flavor and tenderness. Treat yourself and your guest!

Ribeye Sandwich Steak

A thinner cut of a wagyu ribeye rich in marbling and flavor. Melts in your mouth tender!

Coulotte Steak

Know as the best part of the sirloin,this flavorful lean cut from the sirloin cap will not disappoint.

Hot Dogs

Made with 100% wagyu beef these juicy hot dogs are mouthwatering delicious!

Short Rib

(Where the chuck meets the rib)An abundance of marbling combined with a rich beefy flavor our grass fed wagyu short ribs are perfect for braising or any of your favorite slow cook recipes.


Made with 100% wagyu beef our hand made meatballs will not disappoint. Let us take out some of the work but add to the taste of your next meatball dish.