In 1993, foodies Troy and Glen founded their first meat company, vowing never to send a loin, roast or patty they wouldn’t eat themselves or serve to friends. Over the last 25 years, their first company has delivered everything from Kobe beef to ostrich, alligator and buffalo to over 1,000,000 discerning foodies. After bonding in college over their mutual love of barbecue, they’ve become family to each other. Best men in each other’s weddings, today they take turns running the grill at birthday and anniversary celebrations. A little culinary competition keeps both men on their toes, perfecting cooking techniques, recipes and cut selection. Unlike what occurs with many business partnerships, Troy and Glen have worked through sometimes unique business visions and come to appreciate each other’s dedication to flavor and quality.

Finding the most sumptuous, gourmet meats has been a 30-year passion for Pure Meats founders Glen Dimino and Troy Bygrave. Today, they’re thrilled to bring you the cleanest, healthiest, most humanely-raised beef that’s so delicious it sells for over $100 a plate at hip and trendy food joints. Yet Pure Meats makes grass fed Wagyu steak convenient and affordable for health-conscious families and people following paleo/keto diets who love eating well. These two meat lovers are also proud to say they can deliver it to your door for under $10 per serving.


Wagyu beef has won the praises of chefs around the world. “Wagyu,” which translates to “Japanese cow,” is just now getting the recognition it deserves. Established as a “national treasure” by the Japanese government, its abundant yet healthy monounsaturated fats baste it from the inside out, making it so fork-tender, it melts in your mouth. Wagyu’s buttery, mouth-watering flavors put it center-stage at exclusive steakhouses like Alexander’s in San Francisco, Jean Georges in Las Vegas, and Wolfgang Puck’s CUT in Los Angeles. If you consider yourself a meat connoisseur, Wagyu meat is truly the best tasting meat on the planet. Add a 100% grass diet full of vitamins A, E and more cancer fighting antioxidants and what do you end up with? A gourmet red meat that is truly good for you (finally!).

Never Compromise Health or Taste Again

It wasn’t easy to find farms where cattle are raised in low-stress, humane conditions and free-fed on grass pastures year-round. It proved even harder to locate those that avoided unnecessary antibiotics and growth hormones. After five years of research, experimentation, and lots of taste-testing, Troy and Glen partnered up with First Light™ farms, a pioneer in gourmet grass fed Wagyu beef, which does all this and more.

Featured in Forbes magazine with the headline, “How This Tiny New Zealand Company is producing the Best Beef in the World,” First Light is a network of 180 Wagyu beef farmers facilitated by a team of operational, financial and marketing professionals. When we read its primary values are integrity, humility and respect for animals and the environment, we knew we’d found the right partner.

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Why New Zealand Grass-fed Wagyu?

Sure. There are some Wagyu cattle in Texas and even a few head of grass-fed cattle in Florida, but have you seen the grass in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s lush grass pastures inspired Lord of the Rings and Jurassic Park directors to set their blockbusters here.

Agricultural experts agree: New Zealand grass is the best in the world. First, it grows 11 out of 12 months of the year, providing cattle an endless supply of healthy, pesticide-free nutrients. Farmers have no need to supplement with corn, rice or soy, except perhaps one month in the winter when they feed hay. New Zealand’s temperate climate, its 24 to 40 inches of rain per year, and highly-mineralized soil also drive this irrepressible, vitamin-rich growth.

Pasturebird Chicken
Flavor that only comes from chickens outside on pasture every day.

  • Raised 24/7 outside, foraging for bugs, grubs, worms + seeds.
  • No vaccines, antibiotics, or drugs, ever.
  • Harvesting 52 weeks per year.

Glen with Paul Greive of Pasture Bird

“Pasturebird is one of the best poultry products I’ve had in a long time. Thank you for all of your hard work, giving nature a chance to shine, and for treating your animals with respect. You can taste the difference!”

– Eric Klein, VP Culinary Wolfgang Puck

Why Pure Meats?
Know Your Meats Come from Farms Intent on the Healthiest, Happiest Animals

With gourmet meat experts Troy and Glen exhaustively evaluating the best farms, cattle diets, conditions and cuts, you don’t have to spend days Googling how your protein choices fit with your diet or keep you in optimum health. Nor do you have to try one brand after the other to find which tastes the best. We’ve done all the work for you, delivering it to your door in two-, four- or six-week intervals.

Not only are Glen and Troy experienced connoisseurs of gourmet meats, they are also athletes who take their health seriously. With more and more Americans understanding how drastically diet impacts health and disease, the partners determined to make healthy, grass-fed Wagyu affordable for as many families as possible.

In addition to Wagyu beef, Pure Meats offers Kurobuta pork and PastureBird chicken, both of which are free of steroids and hormones (of course!) Serving clean and delicious, healthy food has bonded them for nearly three decades. We know you, too, will enjoy—not only exquisite meals built around Pure Meats cuts—but the satisfaction of prioritizing your family’s health and precious time together.